Located 40 minutes south of Toulouse, the Haras de la Louise welcomes you within new fonctional and top of the line facilities.


The stud farm extends on 12 hectares of fenced meadows and hills. The Haras de la Louise is a equine hydrotherapy center where new technologies are used to service the horses considered as being top athlete.

Dominique Gayet-Sarfati, equine osteopath for 25 years was trained by Dr Dominique Giniaux, precursor of structural animal osteopathy. She as intervened in many high level stables in France but also internationaly, she welcomes you at the Haras de la Louise where she supports your horse with a full range of care.

The racehorse or the sports horse is a real top athlete,with its training, diet, he's mental but also he's injuries... we need to treat him as so. The idea came to me after a stay in a care center for top athlete. Why not adapt the equipment for horses? We know all the virtues and benefits of water on the human body. This is what we are trying to recreate within the Haras de la Louise witch is one of the first equine fitness center in France.