Physical training

The underwater treadmill

One of the main advantages of this technology is that the weight of the horse on the joints is decreased significantly. Therefore the tendons and ligaments are relieved while the muscles are solicited. Vetenarian studies show that a re-education using a aquatic treadmill reduces by 50 to 60% the healing time.

The treamill is controled by a cumputer that contains more than an hundred individual programs. It is managed from the horse's head, witch ensures maximun security. It enables us to control the speed from 0 to 11 Kilometers an hour, to tilt the slop, and adjust the water level till it reaches the horses shoulders. The horse is also equipt with a hear rate monitor that enables us to mesure the training.


It is used in the following cases:
tendinitis, ligaments injuries, articulation problems, broken bones, wounds and inflammations at members...

The Spa is indicated either in the acute phase of the injury, witch is before the horse is abel to do excercising, but also during the convalescent phase. It can also be used as prevention therapy before and after a competition. The SPA owes its hydropherapy vertues due to the temperature, the salt, the level of the water and its aeration: It's temperature at 2 degrees acts like a powerfull analgesic. The concentration of the water in salt speeds up the recovery process. According to the water level, the pressure put on the tissues favors the dispersion of the liquid accumulated around the lesion. Finally, the oxygenation of the water has a massaging effect while accelerating the healing process.

The Relax vibratory ground for horses : "The equine power plate"

The goal:
Increase blood flow and relax the musculature.
The use:
Re-educating after an injury.
Preparation for the effort.

In addition to the massage by the tipping floor, a solarium is fixed on top of the horses back, witch garanties total wellness. The relax promotes healing and reduces the time of the re-education but also the time of rehabilitation after a race. This enables the horse to get back quickly to his maximun performance. It trains, massages and build the muscles while getting rid of the fat. Using this technique regularly also improves digestion and transit to prevent risks of colics. It's equipt whit squale witch enables us to control the weight of the horse at the entrance and the exit of the fitness center.

Application of the self heating sludge

The termo reducing sludge aims to detoxify and purify the muscular mass, though its energizing action on the cell activity. It enables energy trade by speeding up the metabolism of the skin and by its self-heating principle and promotes vasodilation for a better penetration of marine assets.